How did I get here?

I’ve realized that in just under a month I’ll be 37 years old.  How on earth did I get to be my parents age?  I sit and wonder where the time went and how fast it went.  Then I realize that I’ve fit a lot of stuff into my life during the last 37 years.

 My parents were great parents.  Of course we had our dysfunctional moments, who doesn’t?  But, overall, I was very loved and even a little spoiled.  Hell, I still am.  I grew up in a small farming village in Michigan.  My mom’s parents had a farm.  I loved spending time there.  I didn’t have a lot of “human” friends till I was a little older.  I was actually very shy when I was younger.  My friends were the animals (cows, cats, rabbits, goats, etc.) on my grandparents farm. 

I even had a baby cow living in my garage when I was 6.  His name was Snowball.  I loved that cow!  I even remember going out to his pen one day and seeing a praying mantis.  Then, the unthinkable happened!  I went to school one morning and everything was normal.  I came home that night and Snowball was GONE!!!!  Yep, that’s right!  Snowball was now dinner!!!!  Thankfully, I recently found out, not on OUR table, but do you know how traumatic that is for a little kid!!!!!!!

My dad’s mom was a stay at home mom and dad’s dad was a mechanic for the airplane hanger for Upjohns (now know as Pfizer – evil bastards!).  He was the first one ever hired!  I spent the other part of my childhood playing on the private jets.  So this is where my love for animals and airplanes comes from.

 Both my grandfathers and my dad were private pilots but I don’t remember much of that.  I know I have a vague memory of being in a little four-seater Cessna (won’t do that again!).  But my strongest memory is when we went to the airport and I was standing outside the plane.  Obviously someone was inside the plane messing with the wing flaps but I didn’t see them.  All I knew was that the plane was waving at me!!!  How cool is that to a little kid!

Then there is my extended family, but we’ll talk about them at another time. 

So, for the most part, I grew up and behaved.  Nothing major ever happened to me in my life.  Went to school, got good enough grades to graduate, worked, and figure skated.  That was pretty much my life.

 I had my rebelious times but they were few and far between.  I prefered harmless fun.  And, I actually hung out with my ministers kids when I was in high school.  They can be naughty!  But we had a lot of fun!

There was one time after church that we were all extremely bored.  So we decided to go TP peoples homes.  For those of you who aren’t from Michigan, that’s where you take rolls of toilet paper and go around to your friend’s homes and throw it up into the trees.  Usually you do this in the middle of the night, not at noon right after church on a bright, sunny day.  It doesn’t work too well.  So we had the brilliant idea to TP the rooms of our friends!  It’s amazing how many parents will actually let you come into their home and do this to their kids!

So I graduated and decided that it was a smart thing to get married a month after.  And that’s where I’ve been for the last 18 years.  I’ve lived in Germany and Maryland, spent time in England with some of my most favorite people, and have two beautiful children from it all. 

Now, I’m beginning on the next chapter of my life.  I don’t know where it’s going to take me but I’ve learned a lot from the first part.   I’m going to work hard on not making the same mistakes twice, opening myself a little more, and trusting a little more.


~ by shellybear on January 5, 2008.

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